Technology & Media


Technology clients also face extensive exposure to liability for errors and omissions in the design of their products. We can help you to structure your contracts and find the most cost-effective way to handle the risk you take as part of doing business. We have access to a broad range of insurance companies specializing in coverage for technology companies.

Media Companies
Media companies face significant challenges with regard to libel and slander, whether occurring in traditional print publications or online websites, communities, blogs and forums. We can help you analyze this risk and put together a program to properly insure your exposure. If you have a significant fleet of vehicles and employees to handle delivery of your publications, we have extensive experience in instituting programs to reduce worker injuries and automobile accidents.

Entertainment companies are faced with significant public liability exposures from guests visiting their premises or enjoying the use of their products and services. Through our Risk Management Assessment process, we can help you identify and document the areas of risk that you need to address. We want to be your partner in identifying and reducing the risk you take, while still permitting you to maximize the entertainment value of your company.

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